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“Danny Seo Reserve® is more than just a fragrance collection: it’s an experience. My goal was to create a game-changing scent that was luxurious, thoughtful and artfully created.”

Signature of Danny Seo

Brand Story

  • Danny Seo

    At the age of 12, renowned lifestyle expert and bestselling author Danny Seo drafted a mission statement that he wanted to “save the planet and celebrate all that is beautiful about it.” From there, he founded the country’s largest teenage conservation organization and even wrote his own autobiography about his activism work for Random House at the age of 19.

    Today, Danny is celebrated as one of America’s most trusted and celebrated lifestyle experts with more than 10 books in print, regular television appearances, a full line of sustainable home products and has now expanded his life’s work into this: Danny Seo Reserve.

  • Sustainable Practices

    In partnership with Tru Fragrance and Firmenich, Danny tapped into extraordinary reserves using Nobel Prize award-winning science and cutting edge technology, all while marrying sustainable practices and ingredients that contribute to making our world a more beautiful place to live.

    This includes natural oil from Vetiver grass farms in Haiti where more than 1,000 farming families cultivate vetiver on their hillside farms. This program is so revolutionary it has been recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative for its effectiveness in employing local farmers that is helping to rebuild earthquaked ravaged Haiti. But it also includes the world’s finest vetiver: “The climate and growing conditions are ideal to grow the richest smelling vetiver oil; this is a win-win for Haiti and for my Reserve Beauty line,” says Danny.

  • NaturePrint™ Technology

    Additionally, cutting-edge NaturePrint technology is also included in the Reserve Beauty line. Traditionally, live flowers are cut, boiled and distilled into an oil in an effort to capture their essence by conventional fragrance developers. In this case, NaturePrint technology goes right to the hero living flowers in their natural habitats—from lush rose fields in France to fragrance tropical environments in Tahiti—and captures the scent in its real environment at its peak of perfection. The end result is a “living scent” that smells bright, fresh and alive.


  • Reserve Global 50ml

    Our signature launch scent celebrates what’s curious, exotic and beautiful about the world around us. Developed in partnership with Firmenich, the Reserve Global scent incorporates Nobel Prize award-winning chemistry along with proprietary NaturePrint technology that captures hero notes like Rose de Mai and Tahitian Tiare flowers in their natural habitat at their absolute peak of living perfection. Earthy vetiver oil grown in Haiti—a program recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative for helping to rebuild Haiti—adds a luxurious complexity to the finished scent.

    Other Notes: Raspberry, Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Peony, Violet, Musk, and Cedarwood

    AVAILABLE AT 1.7 fl. oz. | 50 ml
  • Global Roller Ball

    Danny Seo Reserve Global signature scent is available in a 15ml roller ball size. This easy to use product is perfect for the woman on the go and is the right size for the purse or can be used for travel. The Reserve Global roller ball is the same scent as the Danny Seo Global Reserve 50ml size.

    AVAILABLE AT .5 fl. oz. | 15 ml
  • Global Layering Roller Ball Set

    In creating the Global Reserve scent, Danny Seo incorporated award-winning science, chemistry and natural ingredients to create a true game changing fragrance. In designing the scent, there were several key absolute notes that stood out: Haitian Vetiver, Tahitian Tiare and Rose De Mai.

    In this Danny Seo Reserve Global Layering Roller Ball Set, you’ll have the chance to enjoy each absolute scent either on their own or you can layer them together and create your own customized scent. Included in the set is the Reserve Global eau de parfum as well which you can wear alone or layer with any or all of the absolute scents.



  • US Weekly, August 2013

    Danny Seo Reserve Global deemed one of the most ‘Buzz’ worthy items of summer after Kerry Washington was spotted with the scent. “Kerry Washington spritzes eco expert Danny Seo’s sweet scent featuring notes of mandarin and raspberry.”


  • WWD, August 21, 2013

    Women’s Wear Daily featured an article on the day of the Reserve Global launch titled Danny Seo Reentering Beauty With Reserve Global Fragrance. “Green lifestyle guru Danny Seo, whose line of sustainable home products is sold at more than 3,000 brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. and Canada, is reentering the beauty industry.”

    URL: http://www.wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/world-traveler-7094583

  • Redbook, August 2013

    “Natural fragrance can be so pretty. If you worry about chemicals (and there are some in many perfumes), eco guru Danny Seo has this to say: “Look for notes of vanilla, vetiver, or sandalwood, which are usually sourced naturally, while unusual ones like cake or baby powder are often synthetic.” I like Jo Malone London Vetyver Cologne, $60 for 30ml, and Danny’s own Reserve Global eau de parfum, $69 for 50 ml, a blend of vetiver, sandalwood, and soft florals.”

  • DuJour, Setember 2013

    DuJour featured an article on Danny Seo Reserve Global that outlines The Potion, The Inspiration, and The Details of the perfume. Danny Seo quotes “It truly is one of the most intelligent, labor-intensive and science-driven scents to ever come to market”.



  • People StyleWatch, September 2013

    September Issue of People StyleWatch prominently featured Danny Seo Reserve Global as part of the “Easy Eco” story, which ran in their Living section. The page cites that “the ingredients in this fresh fragrance were all sustainably grown and harvested,” and there’s a call to action leading readers to hsn.com for purchase.

  • The Boston Globe Style, September 2013

    Danny Seo Reserve Global featured on The Boston Globe Style list of ‘Fall’s Pretty New Scents’. “The combination of Tahitian Tiare and (a type of gardenia) and Rose de Mai makes Danny Seo Reserve Global, a vibrant, peppery, floral. 1.7oz eau de parfum, $65 on hsn.com


  • Style.com, December 2013

    Danny Seo Reserve Global featured in Style.com “Year in Beauty” roundup.  The fragrance was featured as part of a trend story which showcased the popularity of rose notes in fragrances this year, stating that the “classic bloom smells fresh again when blended with hints of leather, patchouli or musk.”

  • OK Magazine, September 2013

    Danny Seo Reserve Global featured in OK Magazine article titled ‘Fragrances We’re Loving For Fall’. “FRESH AND FLORAL.  A blend of peony, pink pepper, and earthy vetiver sourced from Haiti. Danny Seo Reserve Global 1.7oz $65 hsn.com


  • Daily News, October 6 2013

    Danny Seo Reserve Global featured as a “Must-haves for fall [that] will have you looking fantastic” in the 10/6/13 issue of Daily News. See attached PDF for full feature.


  • Lucky, December 2013

    Senior Beauty Editor, Maura Lynch featured Reserve Global on her “Editor Picks” page noting, “This clean rose scent is my current obsession.”


  • Parade, November 23 2013

    Danny Seo Reserve Global was included in Parade Magazine’s list of The Best Gifts For The Holidays. “For The Eco-Chic Chick: Made with sustainably sourced ingredients, Danny Seo’s Reserve Global fragrance smells fresh and earthy. ($65; dannyseoreserve.com)”


  • Allure Korea, December 2013

    Danny Seo Reserve Global featured in the Allure Reporter section of the December 2013 issue Allure Korea.


  • Cosmopolitan Korea, December 2013

    Featured story on Danny Seo Reserve Global perfume in the business section of Cosmopolitan Korea.

  • Hapars Bazar Korea, December 2013

    Danny Seo Reserve Global featured article in Hapars Bazar Korea.


  • Grazia Korea, December 2013

    Danny Seo Reserve Global featured interview in Grazia Korea.


  • Vogue Korea, January 2014

    Danny Seo Reserve Global featured in a spread in the January issue of Vogue Korea.


  • Elle Korea, January 2013

    Danny Seo Reserve Global featured in a spread in the January issue of Elle Korea.


  • Refinery29

    “Danny Seo is a pretty cool guy. He’s an “environmental lifestyle expert and beauty guru,” meaning he’s devoted his life to finding that sweet spot between what’s eco-conscious and what’s stylish. Unfortunately, the two don’t often overlap, which makes Seo’s work all the more impressive.”

    URL: http://www.refinery29.com/reserve-global-fragrance

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